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Photos of Liberty Ship Charles S. Haight

The first I remember about the Charles S. Haight was seeing an aerial photo of the grounded ship in the Globe (or the Times) in the spring of 1946. I was living in Danvers winters, Rockport summers. I located the photographer in Lynn and got an 8x10 glossy print – (which I am still looking for) – and I looked forward to the summer when I could see the wreck. I was sixteen.

As soon as school was out, we moved to Rockport for the summer and I got my sailboat, an 18 foot Alden designed “O” boat, the Cirrus, into the water. The wreck was a magnet, and several of my friends and I soon sailed out to the Haight and climbed aboard. There was nothing of value left by then, but we had fun running all over the ship. We made numerous visits that summer.

At some point – I can’t remember just when – the stern section broke off and capsized as can be seen in the photos. I was interested in photography and took the series of photos that are shown here, some while aboard, the rest while sailing around the wreck. The negatives have been stored in the attic all these years until this winter (2004) when I found them and scanned all my old B&W negatives into the computer. I had thought they had been lost.

Later in the summer of 1946 (as I recall), the stern disappeared and the bow broke off, capsized and drifted or moved about half way toward the breakwater – then later, it disappeared also. - Ted Dow

Photos and captions of the Liberty Ship Charles S. Haight, by and courtesy of, Ted Dow.

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Charles S. Haight, showing the break where the stern has broken off. Note the boom and mainsail of my boat across the top of the photo.

Charles S. Haight’s bow. The starboard anchor had been let go when the ship grounded.

Charles S. Haight’s port side. The starboard anchor had been let go when the ship grounded. The capsized stern section is just visible.

Charles S. Haight’s capsized stern.

Charles S. Haight taken from aboard near the bridge, looking aft.

Charles S. Haight – view of the capsized stern taken from directly astern.

Charles S. Haight - view from directly astern.

Charles S. Haight - view from the port quarter.

Charles S. Haight – view of the port side – shows damage to negative.

Charles S. Haight – View of the break between mid-ship section and capsized stern from directly abeam.

Cirrus, the "O" Boat owned by Ted Dow, from which these photos were taken.

Charles S. Haight - Bridge section from the port side. The break with the stern is just visible.



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